Spaces for
the Filipino

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Spaces for the Filipino are Tukod’s projects that focus on creating physical environments and constructing creative spaces founded upon Bobby Mañosa’s philosophy of how a well designed space creates pride of place, thus respect for surroundings, therefore fosters a thriving community.

It centers around his design practice of ‘Maaliwalas’ (making sure light fills up all spaces, and that there is room for the natural elements to flow) which then paves the way for ‘Ginhawa’ (an ease of living and seeing natural abundance).

These spaces also exemplify the wealth of our natural resources through environmental conservation, which allows for better indigenous materials innovation, supports native cuisine and nutrition, and looks towards an indio-genius revolution. Indio-genius is a term coined by National Artist Kidlat Tahimik that sees indigenous technology as the way forward. Through Bobby Mañosa’s philosophy and practice, we hope to bring out the indio-genius through these spaces.

Designing Filipino

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Designing Filipino are Tukod’s projects that focus on educating people on neo-vernacular ways of living which Bobby Mañosa perpetuated through his architecture. He uplifted native and indigenous materials and fought for the existence of Filipino Architecture when everyone else said there was none. These projects are a retrospective of his life’s work, but also bringing them to the context of the present. He was often said to be ahead of his time thus making his life’s work relevant to the everyday Filipino for generations to come.

Designing Filipino was the title of his first book that showcased his architecture and creativity and in this way, we hope to continue publishing more books, literary pieces, and tangible written work of his creations, which will then be developed into travelling exhibitions and workshops targeted for architecture students, youth, and all Filipinos too.

Celebrating Filipino

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Celebrating Filipino are Tukod’s projects that focus on bringing together the Filipino community through art, design, culture, music and more. Bobby Mañosa was not just an architecture but a multidisciplinary artist, musician, toy designer, comedian, and entertainer. He made his life a dream and we wish that too for all Filipinos. These projects hope to show the capacity of the Filipino genius when we celebrate life and share its abundance. This will be done through various event and fundraiser formats from live performances, fiestas or festivals, and even showhouses.

Celebrating Filipino focuses on the good achievements of our people and our resilience as an archipelago by bringing fourth our life energies within us that naturally come together through the Spirit of Bayanihan.

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